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favorite dragon age mp art so far

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the first half of the nonbinary vampire set! c: thank you to all those who requested them c:

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it occurred to me I’ve never really drawn a gorgon before and decided i had to remedy that

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goblinthreads masterpost

this kinda looks like a mix between a fantasy character and a vagrent child and im aroused

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John Edmonds

I am absolutely, completely, utterly obsessed with John Edmond’s work and I think you should be too. Edmonds says that his work is currently concerned with examining the “the external and internal violence that is implicated through the bodies of men on the margins of society.”

Hurrah for images that portray the black male body in a manner that isn’t either threatening or hypersexual. 

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Valley of Lilacs: Land of Eternal Youth

Series & prose by Mikel Marton

"Ambrosial harbinger of youth & decay, With a poisonous-sweet that casts my spirit astray; Mauve-mouthed herald to the dawning Spring, Your darkly fragrance softens this too mortal sting.” 

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Batman Beyond - Created by Yvan Quinet

You can find more from this artist on Society6 and Tumblr.

**Heavy Breathing** God Bless that Bat suit…. Hubba Hubba…

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Sydney Day, Holy Knight of Violets, Seventh Sister of the Eight Daughters of Day

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Here’s the complete set of Atlas zodiacs I did!

check out the individual posts here 

and I will add all of them in my shop (still need to add some but I’ll do that very soon)

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